How To Style Your Home For Autumn

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What does autumn home styling look like to you? For the Zulucow team it looks like cosy jumpers, candles and caramel tones. We think it’s the perfect time of year to get creative with your interiors. Bring a natural aesthetic to your home with toned accessories and statement pieces that will instantly transform any room into an autumnal cosy sanctuary. We tend to gather indoors in our homes more often in the Autumn so a change to your interiors, whether it big or small will instantly refresh your home and mind. This week on the blog we’ve put together a guide on how to style your home for autumn 2022. 

Autumn Home Styling Tip Number One: Add textures and patterns.

An easy way to add textures and patterns into your home is by using a mixture of textile accessories. Whether that be by adding a rug, blanket or changing your cushions, adding texture is all in the details! 

Create a cosy living room by adding luxurious textures and new patterns such as cowhide. Our luxurious Cowhide cushions are the perfect way to update your sofa in the autumn. With a choice between grey, brown and white or black and white, they are sumptuously soft. They are made from sustainable cowhide, a by-product of the meat trade and have each one has a soft suede back with duck feather insert. What’s not to love? 

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Why not go that one step further and add a new rug into your space to redefine it? Marry the colours of the rug with your existing decor to build on the textures and patterns. This will create that perfect autumn sanctuary! 

Our cowhide rugs are not only durable, high quality and easy to clean but also sustainably and ethically made. The hides are sustainably-sourced, by-products of the indigenous Nguni cattle and are renowned for their exquisite markings.  We might be biassed but you can see from the customer photos below that they transform any type of room. Even your beloved four legged friends will enjoy their luxurious feel. 

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Wall Art & Prints

Another quick way to update your living room with patterns in the autumn is by adding new prints or artwork to your walls. You could either replace your photos you already have with new ones or get creative and repaint your photo frames in a neutral colour and add a show-stopping print to make a statement. Our favourite autumnal art canvases that will also work all year round are from The House Outfit. We love the fact they come in a wooden frame already! They have the perfect mixtures of colours for nearly any home style.

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If you are all about adding statement pieces to your walls then we’ve also got the perfect solution for you. Our beaded animal heads come in a variety of colours and animals all in dark/ neutral tones. They are sure to hold their own or work exceptionally well within a bold gallery wall. Finely crafted by Nyvasha and Patricia, talented artisans I work with in South Africa; these are a unique way to add more than just a texture to your decor.

Autumn Home Styling Tip Number Two: Add a statement piece.

Whilst on the subject of statement pieces, another sure fire way to update your home this autumn is by adding a luxury piece of furniture such as an ottoman. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, you will be sure to find one that suits your decor already. Our footstools and ottomans are crafted individually to flaunt the beauty of its exquisite Zulucow hide. This not only adds a statement but also means that you have a unique piece of furniture in your home. Zulucow’s ottomans look fantastic in so many settings. They have been bought for contemporary homes; town houses in London and farmhouses on the Quantock Hills; city apartments and converted barns. Most importantly, they are robust, easy to clean and will stand the test of time.

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If you don’t quite have the room for a footstool or ottoman but still want to add a statement piece to your home this autumn then you could also opt for an ornament. How about a show stopping dining table centrepiece? Or a new ornament for your hallway entrance? Adding a statement ornament in a neutral tone will be just as refreshing as a larger piece. It will also help you bring the wonderful autumnal colours inside. 

New to Zulucow for this Autumn are our beautiful beaded ornaments. They are finely crafted by the Bameleke people of Cameroon. Made from rings of clay, embellished with beads and an ornate ring of cowrie shells; they make eye-catching objets d’arts in contemporary and traditional homes. Available in a variety of colours, which one will suit your autumnal colour scheme?

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Autumn Home Styling Tip Number Three: Bring the outside in.

As winter approaches the amount of time spent in our gardens will diminish. If you’re anything like us you love anything to do with nature and even though dog walks are still on the cards, basking in the summer sun will have to wait again until next year. It’s for this reason our third tip for autumn home styling is to ‘Bring the outside in’ 

We all know that bringing natural elements into our homes can help to ground and uplift us. Whilst this might be trickier to do in the autumn/winter months, we’ve found that little touches of the outside can help you feel much more connected with nature even when you are cosy by the fire. Our favourite trend at the moment is dried flowers and the autumn colours do not disappoint! If you’ve never tried dried flowers in your home then we highly recommend heading over to They specialise in sustainable dried blooms, that are low maintenance and long lasting! 

Another way to bring the outside in this Autumn is with scents! Because who doesn’t love a candle? Think about gorgeous seasonal smells like Pumpkin and spiced cranberry. Candle scents can set the tone and bring a sense of calm, reflection to your space. 

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In Summary

There’s something deeply grounding about autumn and here at Zulucow we see this as the perfect time of year to reflect, recuperate and rest. As nature’s colours deepen, nights get darker and the temperature drops, you will want to spend much more time inside. By updating your decor with these recommendations will help you to spend the next few months relaxing before the winter season.  Whether a big or small change, we’d love to see how you change your decor for this season so please don’t forget to tag us @zulucowbylucy on Instagram. It means the world to see your beautiful homes especially with our ethically sourced, sustainable products in them!