How to care for your Cowhide Rug and Cushions

Follow these instructions on how to care for and clean your Cowhide Products

Spills are easily soaked up by using paper towels or a dry cloth.  You do not need to use water and never put a cowhide item in the washing machine since it is natural leather and will therefore harden. Leave it to air dry naturally.

If muddy feet or dirty dog paws dirty your cowhide rugs; here’s what to do:

Firstly Let the dirt/mud dry and then shake the cowhide rug out.

After that you can remove persistent dirt by brushing it, in the direction of the hair, with a soft brush; or vacuum the rug (in the direction of the hair)

Wine/Water spills:

Soak up the wine or other spill with a paper towel, tea towel or dry cloth, as soon as possible. (Do not use water to clean your hides as they will harden since they are natural leather.)

Leave to dry and once again do not use water to clean a cowhide as it will harden since it is natural leather.

If your cowhide rug does get damp, lie it flat on the floor (with a heavy book on it) at room temperature or outside in the shade and not in harsh direct sunlight as this will harden it. (More a concern in Africa than the UK.) Note: Do not wash or wet your cowhide rug. It is a natural leather item that will go hard if washed liberally in water.

For more persistent dirt:

Use a damp (not wet) cloth from a bowl of soapy water (use non-alkaline soap) to wipe away the wine/food stain.
Or use a solution of mostly water and 5% of organic white vinegar to clean the stain. Remember not to get the hide too wet.

If your rug does get wet, leave it to air-dry naturally.