How to update your interiors with cowhide and African influences

brown and white cowhide doorstop

African animal prints are rarely far from being a popular trend in homewares. They work for every season. African designs are a huge passion of mine having been born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa. I have noticed how over time, decorating trends have come and gone. But African inspired interiors and furniture have endured the test of time. Therefore I am here to give you an insight into how to update your interiors with cowhide and African inspired pieces. I want to show you how to introduce these vibrant interior styles, rich in cultural heritage and beauty into your own living space.

Start with subtle african influences

Leopard, tiger and zebra print is omnipresent in clothing, but if it feels like too much of the same, opt for Cowhide instead. ‘The Sunday Times’, ‘Style’ Magazine declared in its fashion pages: “Reached your personal leopard apex? Try cow print for size!” Cowhide is hip and happening, guys!

Cowhide cushions and doorstops are an ideal way to subtly introduce African elements into your home. They’re small enough pieces to give you a taster of how the style works with your existing interior while being bold enough to lift the setting and create a sense of newness.

brown and white cowhide doorstop

Our doorstop not only keep your doors open but they inject character and fun to your kitchen, sitting or bedroom. Made from cowhide off-cuts; nothing goes to waste in Africa and I am very proud of this charming product.

I absolutely love the idea of adding African inspired pieces into every room. The Basket Room proves how versatile this homeware trend is with its collection of laundry baskets, bike baskets and even dog beds.

Add some texture and shapes!

It’s so refreshing that all things natural and textural are all the rage in interiors! There’s nothing better for me than seeing woven-grass interiors all over Instagram and in homeware magazines. To me, they evoke images of the African savannah: smouldering heat and happiness.

This LA REDOUTE INTERIEURS Maylon decorative woven grass jar is one of my favourites. It adds an instant natural feel to any space.

Another great way to update your interiors with African influences is by adding a striking wall hanging. Our Zulucow wall art pieces can add a dramatic hit of texture to any room. They are made of exquisite beads or in some instances, recycled beer cans! They are also ethically made and sustainably sourced by truly talented South African and Zimbabwean street artists. The perfect addition for the walls of your hallway, bedroom or study.

cameroon beaded shielf cowriw shells sustainably sourced wall hanging

Make a statement with cowhide

An easy way to freshen your interiors and bring them up to date with natural products; is by making a statement. Why not invest in a statement rug, like our beautiful, natural, sustainably sourced Zulucow cowhide rug. All Zulucow’s cowhide rugs are by-products and have for centuries been valued for their beauty, as well as being socially and economically important to the Zulus. Today they are creating desperately-needed jobs in rural S.Africa and continuing the rich tradition of the Nguni in Zulu culture.

I think that adding a cowhide rug in deep brown and white and black and white can instantly add a touch of sophistication to your home whilst making a statement. In addition, the neutral colours that they come in mean they can easily fit in with your existing decor but the exquisite patterns instantly update your interiors.

Tricolour cowhide sustainable rug, ethically sourced, natural

To find more African interior inspiration, do have a look at my Instagram feed: @zulucowbylucy. I’d love to know how you would update your home with cowhide and African influences alike, what would you choose?

Hamba Kahle, Lucy x