Meet the Craftswomen creating Zulucow’s gorgeous Cowhide products

Zulucow is a socially-conscious brand; producing beautiful natural leather and cowhide pieces which are all ethically sourced. All of our items are designed and meticulously handmade with the unmistakeable patterns of the Nguni cattle.

Zulucow is proud to be helping to create sustainable employment in rural South Africa. Our team of expert craftswomen is the lifeblood of the Zulucow brand, and we believe in compensating them fairly for their incredible work. When you purchase a Zulucow Cowhide cushion, belt or leather bag, you’re helping to provide desperately needed jobs to talented women, who then help support entire communities.

I’ve worked with Ma Phillipine, Nelly, Thandi, Gloria, Lindiwe and the rest of the team, for nearly 10 years and often go out to see them. On my last visit, Lindiwe invited us to the home she’s proud to have built with her brother, Sizwe; and introduced us to her four children.

Lindiwe explained that having lost her husband, her income is essential to support her family as well as her sister’s family.

Khanyi, another talented Zulucow craftswoman, supports her 6 children and extended family on the wage from this job. Gloria, a single parent of one, explained how the sewing skill passed onto her by her mother allowed her to secure this job and support her family. Khanyi and Gloria told me how key these jobs are for them to put food on the table, pay for household bills and to survive.