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Interiors with Suzannah

Earlier this year, Zulucow was lucky to be welcomed into the elegant Victorian home of Susannah Hemmings. Lovely Susannah, shared some inspired styling tips with us. In this clip, she demonstrates how to style a Zulucow cowhide as a ‘throw’ on a sofa. 


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Susannah Hemmings is an Interior Stylist in Surrey; with a penchant for monochrome. She kindly welcomed Zulucow into her beautiful home to give us an interiors’ masterclass on styling our unique, sustainable, cowhide cushions and rugs. I was particularly keen to work with Susannah when I discovered that she likes to use sustainable interiors when decorating her house. As all Zulucow’s Nguni rugs are natural and sustainable; (as are our finely-crafted, handmade cushions) we were a natural fit!

Later in the video, Susannah explains her choice of ‘Dalmatian Cowhide’ for the sofa in her sitting room. Recently, the current trend seems to indicate the use of hides as ‘throws’ for furniture, and not just as rugs on the floor. For example, a customer who had her pool house redesigned by an interior stylist to feature in their promotional material moved her Zulucow cowhide from floor to featuring as a throw on her Sofa!

Cowhide Throw










Initially, Susannah thought the dramatic black and white cowhide would suit her sofa. However, she put the lighter ‘Dalmatian hide’ or as the Zulus call it “Imasenezimpukane” –  ‘Flies in Buttermilk’ on her it. It became quite apparent that this is just what this piece of furniture needed to lift it and make a dramatic contrast. It really stands out with the dark cushions at the front. I also liked Susannah’s creative approach to styling the rug – putting it on the sofa at an angle. What do you think? 


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Please do tell me if you think this mini-series is interesting and helpful? For more styling pictures to inspire; in different style homes; go to Zulucow’s Instagram

Stay tuned guys! Hamba Kahle!