The Essential Guide To Decorating Your Home Office

Black and Whire Cowhide Cushion to decorate your home office

Are you forever looking on Pinterest for home office decorating ideas? With so much inspiration and layout ideas it can easily become an obsession and before you know it you have a board full of various layout and furniture ideas. Does this sound familiar to you? 

In light of so many people now working from home due to Covid, and having to create ‘home offices’ you are probably wondering how to decorate it. How do you make it look stylish, modern and inviting but also a bit different and unique?

In this essential guide to decorating your home office, we’ve put together a few ideas and tips to help you enjoy your space and use its full potential. 

Decorating your home office in a practical yet stylish way

It’s no secret that home offices can get messy and overrun with paperwork and organisational systems but how do you add a touch of style to overcome these challenges? 

One of our top tips for decorating your home office in a practical way is by using vertical storage, honestly, it’s a game-changer. It isn’t always the prettiest which is why we suggest adding a gallery wall or artwork to break up the space. 

Another way to add colour and texture to your home office whilst making it practical is to add a statement cowhide cushion to your office chair or office seating. They are not only beautiful to look at but also comfortable and practical – nobody wants a bad back! 

Black and White cowhide cushion on leather chair in a home office

How to add comfort to your home office 

Traditional offices aren’t the cosiest place to work but seeing as you now have a home office, why can’t you make it a cosy/welcoming place to be? Don’t be afraid to add a plush rug or a warm throw to enhance the space. They will not only make your office more comfortable but also more inviting. 

If you are looking for layout ideas then how about introducing a ‘statement’ sustainable, Zulucow cowhide rug to add a touch of luxury? 

For that added bit of texture and comfort, our sustainably sourced rugs also work as a lavish throw. We love how our customer Ian styled this Black and White Cowhide Rug as a throw over his sofa. We think it’s a great addition to any office seating area. 

Black and White cowhide rug decorating a Black leather sofa

Make a statement in your home office 

Don’t forget that your home office is now yours. You can decorate it however you like and use statement pieces to bring you joy everyday. You are bound to be more productive in a room that brings you happiness, so why not put some extra care into creating an office that feels like home?

Sure to be the talking point of any Zoom call, our Beaded Animal Heads sit perfectly on any wall. They add a touch of fun and pleasure to your everyday office life. 

Let’s face it, office furniture isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing sometimes so by adding a dramatic, high-quality cowhide rug to your space; the room will feel light and alive. By adding one of our sustainably-sourced rugs you will be sure to feel brighter every day. 

Brown and White cowhide rug in outside home office space next to furniture

How to style a small office space 

Chances are you have turned your small spare room into a home office space during Covid? Perhaps you’ve built an outside garden room for your office but it isn’t quite the same size as your office building. This is why you need to plan the layout and decorate it to make it work for you. 

Our Blesbok & Springbok Rugs are a smaller alternative to our Nguni cowhides making them the perfect way to add style to any small office space. 

Small Brown and White Blesbok rug in hallway next to chair with Brown and White cowhide cusion

Adding a small touch of luxury to your small space will make a huge difference to your outlook on the room. It’s your way of expressing yourself and making the room more inviting. 

Reflect your personality  

Your new home office space should inspire you on a daily basis. We think it should reflect your unique character – so don’t be afraid to go all out! 

A modern home office that you design is completely up to your taste but in our eyes a room isn’t complete without adding a touch of personality. 

By adding an accent wall, a statement piece of art or a luxurious rug you will easily express your unique personality in a way that suits you perfectly. 

Our Cameroon Beaded Shields are artisanally made from ornate beads and cowrie shells to add a dramatic edge to any room and would be the perfect addition to any office space. Did you know that circles are known to be more aesthetically pleasing and have a calming effect compared to rectangular piece of art? 

Decorative Cameroon Beaded Shield mounted onto a wall within a room
Product photo of sustainably made Cameroon beaded shield

Finishing touches to any home office 

Now you have your statement pieces in place and your home office is comfortable, practical and stylish. It’s the perfect time to add in the finishing touches. 

Why not try adding a handmade Cowhide Doorstop? They will add character and purpose to your office as well as keeping the door open (when you want it open that is!) 

Handmade cowhide door stop next to a door and rug

Don’t forget to make sure your office space is light and airy. Decorate it in your personal style, thinking about layout and comfort at all times. 

In summary, we think an office space well decorated, will be a happy, productive place that you can enjoy every day. Your home office is an extension of your home life. You have the reigns to be free and wild with how you decorate it so why not be different and unique and bring joy to your work-life every day? 

We hope this guide helps you establish how to decorate your home office in a way that works for you. If you have any questions about our products please feel free to email us at

Thanks for reading x